Our Tustin Water Heater Repair Team Is Ready

Our Tustin water heater repair teamOur Tustin Water Heater Repair Team Installs New water Heaters receives several calls daily. These calls range from a complete lack of hot water to tanks making weird sounds. Most of the calls we get have us coming to repair water heaters that have been neglected for years. With a bit of preventative maintenance, many of the problems we take care have could have been avoided.

Here's our Tustin water heater repair team's list of preventative maintenance that can add years of life to your water heater.

1. Flush the tank once every 6 months.
2. Purchase an insulated sleeve.
3. Check the anode rod.

Keeping Your Water Heater Alive Longer

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There are only two major things that shorten the life of a water heater, excessive heating and cooling cycles and internal rusting. Reducing heating and cooling cycles can be done in several ways. Purchasing an insulated sleeve for your water heater will significantly reduce the amount of radiant heat loss through the skin of the tank. This will reduce the need for the heating element to kick on as often to heat the water inside the tank.

Insulating the hot water lines that lead from the heater to various taps in the home can allow you to lower the temperature in the tank without losing any heat during transit from the heater to the tap. This will also lower the amount of time the heating element has to work.

Preventative Maintenance Makes a Difference

Interior rusting, on the other hand, Our Tustin Water Heater Repair Team Replaces Bad Water Heatersis prevented through the use of an anodized rod that combines with free radicals in the heated water so that they don't rust the interior of the galvanized steel tank. The anode precipitates and leaves a sediment at the bottom of the tank. If the tank isn't flushed out regularly (every 6 months), the sediment can cause irregular heating in the tank that will shorten its lifespan. If the anode rod gets completely used up the interior of the tank will start to rust. If you see a tinge of orange in your tap water the anode probably needs to be replaced immediately. Our Tustin water heater repair team does both sediment flushes and anode replacements during routine preventative maintenance. Call us today to get a your water heater on a preventative maintenance schedule today.